Life is Full of Puberty Kisses

The fact of every kid's life is this: You're moving along and life is happening. Things are exciting. You have plenty of friends and aspirations no one can shake a stick at.

Then it happens. You get the puberty kiss. Things start changing. You can't explain what is all happening to you, but it is terrifying.

Your self awareness goes through the roof and you don't want to go out. Things just got serious, and you hate every minute of it.

Here's the good news though: It will pass. It didn't come to stay, but it came to pass.

Just like disturbing images turn into beautiful ebook covers in a graphic designer's hands, you too will grow out of the awkwardness. You will grow into a handsome young man or a beautiful young woman. You're evolved.

As much as things change while going through puberty, nothing ever really does. The only thing that really changes is our perception.

Most of life is like that. We think things are changing drastically, but the older you get the more you realize how things are barely changing. You realize that your perception of those things is constantly evolving.